Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Settling In...and my first bear sighting!


Today was all about settling into the studio. I arranged my furniture, unpacked the meager studio supplies I brought with me, and ordered my clay (which will hopefully arrive tomorrow), all with the help of the amazing ceramics facilitator, Ed Bamiling. 

My trip to Banff is not only an opportunity for me to re-focus on my studio practice while working on an experimental body of work, but also to take in the landscape, which is an integral component of my work both formally and conceptually.  I didn't realize the landscape would be found indoors as well as out! Tunnel Mountain can literally be found inside the buildings around The Banff Centre, including the basement area of Gylde Hall, where my studio is located.  
Afterwards, I took a nice hike around the Banff Centre and checked out the views  from the lookout near the Tunnel Mountain Trail head.  From here you can see most of the town of Banff, along with the Bow River. 

Late this afternoon the invited guest artist working with the thematic visual artist residents, Shary Boyle, gave her artist talk.  

After dinner, a few other women joined me for another hike...the plan was to get a better view of the Bow River.  There is a hiking path from The Banff Centre that goes right down to the river.  We had just gotten onto the path when we were met by our first wildlife sighting...a black bear!  Needless to say, we immediately followed the suggested protocol and slowly backed away!  


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