Saturday, 12 July 2014

Getting to Work

 I've spent the last few days getting to work in the studio.  I use a lot of natural materials in my process, so, in order to gather a few stones and sticks, I had to leave the national park.  We took a short hike just outside of a town called Canmore, which is about 17 kilometers from Banff.  Just off of the highway is a hidden spring that locals visit to fill up their bottles with drinking water.  The spring's stream is full of the most beautiful variety of stones.

I will use the materials I picked up to create press molds or directly press or stamp them into my work.  I also spent quite a bit of time making press molds around The Banff Centre campus.  Because Banff is located within a national park, you can not move or remove anything.  There are, however, plenty of natural things to take molds off of all around!

While my main focus is a series of small abstract porcelain sculptures based on the landscape, I have moved a pottery wheel into my studio and I plan to make a few pots while I am here too.    

Above right: natural spring just outside of Canmore.
Above center: studio shot.

I've taken several trips into the town of Banff.  It is only a 5-10 minute walk from The Banff Centre campus.  The walking path to town takes you right by the cemetery  and into downtown.  

The Bow River flows through the south part of the town.  There are several scenic bridges and walking paths along the river.  
Views of the Bow River and Cascade Mountain. 

The town itself is very can see almost all of Banff on foot as it is only 3.93 square kilometers. Just be prepared for the steep incline on the way back up the mountain to The Banff Centre...I am definitely getting my exercise here!

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